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The Chedi Andermatt is a contemporary 5-star hotel and apartment development. The project comprises 50 hotel rooms and 119 apartments for sale. The Chedi Andermatt stands for luxury, quality and outstanding personalised service. Thanks to an exemption from the terms of the Lex Koller Act, international buyers are given the rare opportunity to buy residential property in Switzerland with no restrictions.

The building R1 represents the westernmost section of The Chedi Andermatt residence area. In total 6 apartments and 1 loft are spread over the four storeys of the building.

The Chedi Andermatt

Apartment R1-00-01

Bedrooms: 2
Size: 194m2
Terrace: 115m2

CHF 6'485'000

Apartment R1-00-02

Bedrooms: 1
Size: 96m2
Terrace: 46m2

CHF 3'100'000

Apartment R1-02-01

Bedrooms: 2
Size: 215m2
Terrace: 45m2


Apartment R1-02-02

Bedrooms: 1
Size: 106m2
Terrace: 17m2